Friday, July 8, 2011

Shopkeeper seeks support

Edrisa in his shop
Edrisa Jallow, a shopkeeper in Fajara, is seeking support from good Samaritans to develop and expand his business.
“I definitely need support from individuals and institutions in and out of The Gambia to help me in cash or kind to expand my business,” said Edrissa, who has been in business for about ten years.
Jallow explained that since he started business, with a seed capital provided by himself, his major constraint has been lack of substantial cash to expand. 
Edi, as he is fondly called, says business is not like a bed of roses so that one is able to make quick and large profits; however, with adequate stock and good sale one can quickly make a good return on his/her investment.
Edrisa said he is ready to go into partnership with anyone who is willing to partner with him.  “I have the skills; my only constraint is lack of finance to develop the business,” he said. “I am ready to go into partnership with anyone who can develop or expand the business by giving me stocks. I will trade on them and at the end of the day we can share the profits in proportion, as agreed.” 
Should anybody partner with him, the business will yield quick return or profit, he assured the public.
Edi also said he a partner can come from any part of region of the country, and he is also willing to make a change of location where possible.
This is another opportunity for the Gambia Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the banks and other institutions who claim to be supporting entrepreneurship in the country to come in and give a helping hand to a young Gambian entrepreneur like Jallow to develop his business. 
Any Good Samaritan willing to give Edrisa a helping hand can call him on phone no: +220 9846269/7502943 or Gambia News Online on Tel: 3451551 or Emali: