Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Powering Gambia on solar energy can lower electricity bills

The use of solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuel can greatly reduce heavy electricity bills on Gambian consumers, a report by the International Energy Agency states.

The report has it that the development of reasonably priced, inexhaustible and clean solar technology will have significant long-term benefits for The Gambia’s electricity tariffs.

Solar energy could be Gambia’s predominant source of energy for decades to come and perhaps a lasting solution to the country’s energy problems, the report added.

It also states that solar energy will increase the country’s energy security, reduce pollution, lower costs of tackling climate change and keep fossil fuel prices lower than otherwise.

According to Access Gambia, an online information centre, The Gambia’s strategic location on the coast exposes it to abundant sunlight capable of supplying all the country’s electricity requirements.

Given The Gambia’s high electricity tariff, solar energy could be the obvious alternative as it will continue to produce solar power as long as there is sunlight.

No access to electricity

The FAO Documentary Repository on Fuelwood Review in Gambia says fuel-wood used mainly by rural dwellers, represent the major source of domestic energy in The Gambia.

“This is largely due to the fact that many users have no access to electricity or their houses are not connected to the grid because they cannot afford it,” it says.

As oil prices continue to hike and the need for energy increases, the authorities should look for alternative energy sources like solar energy to save money and cut electricity bills.


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